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Note: This page is under construction and should not be taken as final information at this time!

This page will provide an overall list of all server customizations. The base game code is Hercules, 2023 version, pre-renewal. This list is intended to list all changes. Individual wiki pages and in-game information will provide additional detail not explained on this page.

The World

  • Skill reworks, rebalances, removed, and new custom skills Skill Changes
  • NPC weapon bonuses, additional slots on various weapons, adjustments to attack power of weapons in same level range, adjustments to level requirements Weapon Changes
  • NPC gear bonuses, adjustments to various trans and underused gear, adjustments to level requirements Gear Changes
  • Mob spawn changes for classic dungeons and end game dungeons Map Changes
  • Mob stat and skill changes including changes to base/job exp Mob Changes
  • Card drop rates for weapon cards and cards from low level mobs greatly increased. Underused cards improved/reworked Card Changes
  • World map changes. Town of Morocc has not been destroyed. Classic desert maps available. Dimensional gorge maps integrated into Morocc desert.
  • Soul linker reworked. Soul Linker
  • Item buy/sell prices updates Item Changes
  • Custom items and costume headgears Custom Items
  • Blue herbs drop more frequently from mobs
  • Ghost MvP system added. Ghost MVP System
  • Endless Tower available.
  • Kafra's offer warps to Einbroch, Lighthalzen, Rachel, Hugel, and Veins, and operate in these cities


  • Forging and brewing quality of life adjustments, recipe changes, succus rate changes, and new items Forging and Brewing Changes
  • Two new monster subraces; flying and mechanical New Monster Subraces
  • Poison element now has elemental bonus against neutral element (25% for neutral 1, 50% for neutral 2, 75% for neutral 3, 100% for neutral 4)
  • Two Luk required to increase crit rate instead of three Luk.
  • Formula for natural HP regeneration changed to be (vit * vit) / 20 instead of vit / 5.
  • Sitting is twice as effective
  • Aegis drop rate "bug" enabled
  • Increased attack speed with knuckle, dagger, and staff weapons for monk, assassin, and sage respectively
  • Monks may no longer equip shields. New item type "Charms" added to the left hand slot on monks. Monk
  • Party share range increased to 15
  • Exp and drops will stop after 60 seconds of idle time
  • Socket Enchant modified for items, costs, and success rates Socket Enchant Changes
  • Enriched elunium and oridecon available. Refining system allows for upgrading to the item's safe level or a user-inputted number of times. Refining System


  • Guild tax is based on job exp and not base exp. Maximum tax rate is 99%.
  • Exp from Union of Tribe doubled.

Removed Features and Content

  • Mercenaries and homunculus not available
  • Mail system is not implemented
  • Hugel mini games