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Monks are a class focused on power and mobility with extreme trade offs. On Timelines, they have lost the ability to wield shields but now maintain bare-handed ASPD with knuckles. While using a Mace, Monks can wear charms that provide additional effects similar to shields they would wear in the past. The goal with Monk was to move them away from strictly focusing on Guillotine Fist as a form of damage in parties, while also making them function more as an off-tank with Steel Body.

Job Change

The Monk job change is unchanged and a guide can be found here.

Equipment Related Changes

  • Knuckle class weapons are now two handed and have the same attack speed as bare fist for monks
  • Can not use normal shields (guard, buckler, etc)
  • Can use charms in the shield slot


Charms are created via an NPC at the St. Capitalina Abbey Three versions are available:

  • Charm of Yggdrasil - 10% damage reduction from demon, angel, and plant race mobs, adds the enchanted peach tree card effect (auto heal when attacking) - requires 500 each of Wooden Heart (Wood Golem), Huge Leaf (Leaf Cat), and Sprout (Parasite)
  • Charm of Warding - 10% damage reduction from brute, insect, and fish race mobs, allows use of shield reflect level 1 - requires 500 each of False Angel Wing (False Angel), Little Evil Wing (Deviruchi), and Cyfar (Orc Lady)
  • Charm of Meditation - 10% damage reduction from formless and dragon race mobs, 50% resistance to the curse and stone curse status effects - requires 500 each of Red Bijou (Red Ferus), Green Bijou (Green Ferus), and Blue Bijou (Blue Acidus)

All charms have 0 defense, a weight of 10, and a level requirement of 55. They can be upgraded and are restricted to monk class only.

Skill Changes

Monk skill changes focus on utility and combo skills. Snap is the post-rebirth version which does not consume a spirit sphere when in fury.

Monk Original Version Timelines Version
Throw Spirit Sphere Cast time is 2 + skill level seconds Cast time reduced by approximately half
Flee Provides 1.5 flee per skill level Provides 1 flee and 1 perfect dodge per skill level
Raging Trifecta Blow Requires dodge level 5 Requires dodge level 3
Raging Quadruple Blow SP cost is 10 + 1 SP per skill level SP cost is 5 + 1 SP per skill level
Raging Thrust Attacks a single target Affects a 3x3 area
Iron Fist 3 Weapon Mastery damage per skill level with knuckles. Requires divine protection and demon bane level 10. 9 Weapon Mastery damage per skill level with knuckles. Now requires only divine protection level 10.
Spiritual Cadence Recovers 20 + 1% Max HP and 10 + 1% Max SP per tick. Recovers 20 + 5% Max HP and 10 + 5% Max SP per tick.
Absorb Spirit Sphere 20% Chance of Success 33% Chance of Success

Divine protection and demon bane have been merged into a single skill for acolytes. Additionally, the pre-requisite for Raging Trifecta Blow has been reduced from Dodge 5 to Dodge 3. As such, monks have more flexibility in their choices. Monks may choose to spend the additional points on Mace Mastery which has been added to the Acolyte skill tree or on Signum Crucis which now requires Divine Protection level 6 instead of Demon Bane level 3.

Other Notes

Monks gain the ability to use Zen while soul linked in addition to their normal class specific buffs of removing the normal block on SP regeneration while in Fury status, reducing the SP cost of combo skills, and adding a 5x5 splash effect on Raging Thrust.