Gear Changes

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Basic Gear Bonuses

Equipment Type Non-Slotted Passive Bonus
Cotton Shirt Armor 50 Max HP
Jacket Armor 200 Max HP
Adventure Suit Armor 100 Max HP, 20 Max SP
Mantle Armor 10% Increased Natural SP Regen Rate
Coat Armor 10 Attack
Padded Armor Armor 10% Increased Natural HP Regen Rate
Chain Mail Armor 10% Resistance against Medium Enemies
Full Plate Armor Vit +7
Legion Plate Armor Armor 1 Additional Def (Also Applies to the Slotted Version), Combo with Greaves and Pauldron gives Immunity to Knockback (Non-Slotted Version Only)
Silver Robe Armor 2% Matk
Scapulare Armor 10% Heal Bonus (Also Applies to the Slotted Version)
Wooden Mail Armor 10% Resistance to Plant Race Enemies, Take 20% more Damage from Fire Element Attacks
Hood Garment 5% Resistance to Poison, Dark, Ghost, and Holy Element Attacks
Muffler Garment 5% Resistance to Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth Element Attacks
Manteau Garment 5% Resistance to Neutral Element Attacks
Pauldron Garment Combo with Legion Plate and Greaves gives Immunity to Knockback
Sandals Footgear 6% Increased Max SP, 6% Increased Natural SP Regen Rate
shoes Footgear 3% Increased Max HP/SP, 3% Increased Natural HP/SP Regen Rate
boots Footgear 6% Increased Max HP, 6% Increased Natural HP Regen Rate
greaves Footgear Combo with Legion Plate and Pauldron gives Immunity to Knockback
Guard Shield 5% Resistance against Small Enemies
Buckler Shield 5% Resistance against Medium Enemies
Shield Shield 5% Resistance against Large Enemies
Mirror Shield Shield 5 Additional Mdef

Gear Adjustments

Equipment Type Change
Valkyrian Armor Armor Added bonus for ninja, gunslinger, taekwon, and soul linker classes
Divine Cloth Armor Restricted to Acolyte, Priest, and Monk classes. Increased resistance to status to 20%
Diabolus Robe Armor Added Ninja and Soul Linker to Equipable Classes
Diabolus Armor Armor Added Gunslinger and Taekwon to Equipable Classes
Ancient Cape Garment Additional 5 hit bonus
Heavenly Maiden Robe Garment Increased Resistance to Holy Element by 30%
Legion Plate Armor Increased Defense to 12
black leather boots Footgear Added Extra Bonus of 2 Agi if Refined Higher than +6
Valkyrian Shoes Footgear Added bonus for ninja, gunslinger, taekwon, and soul linker classes
Diabolus Boots Footgear
Valkyrja's Shield Shield Resistances reduced to 10%
Holy Guard Shield Increased Resistance against Demon and Undead
Orlean's Server Shield Defense Reduced to 4
Silver Robe Armor 2% matk
Legion Plate Armor Armor 12 def
Scapulare Armor 10% heal bonus
Valkyrie Manteau Armor Added bonus for ninja, gunslinger, taekwon, and soul linker classes
Ring of Resonance Accessory Replaced Autocast of Assumptio with Kyrie Eleison Level 10, Replaced Autocase of Venom Splasher with Venom Dust

Level Requirement Changes

Equipment Type Base Level Requirement (Original) Base Level Requirement (Timelines)
Goibne's Armor Armor 54 65
Valkyrian Armor Armor 1 90
Meteo Plate Armor Armor 55 85
Orlean's Gown Armor 55 85
Divine Cloth Armor 55 75
Sniping Suit Armor 50 85
Diabolus Robe Armor 55 85
Diabolus Armor Armor 55 85
Kandura Armor 70 75
Life Link Armor 82 90
Falcon Muffler Garment 65 75
Vali's Manteau Garment 65 75
Morpheus Shawl Garment 33 75
Goibne's Spaulders Garment 54 65
Valkyrian Manteau Garment 1 90
Dragon Breath Garment 48 75
Wool Scarf Garment 55 75
Rider Insignia Garment 55 65
Ulfhedinn Garment 70 80
Mithril Magic Cape Garment 70 80
Skin of Ventus Garment 60 80
Diabolus Manteau Garment 1 85
Flame Manteau of Naught Sieger Garment 70 90
black leather boots Footgear 55 65
goibne's greaves Footgear 54 65
tidal shoes Footgear 55 75
valkyrian shoes Footgear 1 90
vital tree shoes Footgear 60 85
Diabolus Boots Footgear 1 85
Platinum Shield Shield 68 75
Orlean's Server Shield 55 90
Thorny Buckler Shield 55 85
Strong Shield Shield 75 85
Exorcism Bible Shield 50 75
Valkyrja's Shield Shield 65 90
Vesper Core 01 Accessory 1 85
Vesper Core 02 Accessory 1 85
Vesper Core 03 Accessory 1 85
Vesper Core 04 Accessory 1 85
Ring of Flamelord Accessory 1 90
Ring of Resonance Accessory 1 85
Diabolus Ring Accessory 1 85
Morpheus's Bracelet Accessory 33 75
Morpheus's Ring Accessory 33 75