Map Changes

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Field Map Changes

Field Number Mob Changes
Yuno Field 3 Added a large number of gigs.
Yuno Field 5 Greatly increased the amount of rafflesias and green plants. Added 15 minute timer for half of the rafflesias.
Hugel Field 1 Added moderate quantity of false angels. Eliminated demon pungus.
Hugel Field 4 Greatly increased the amount of sky deleters and slightly increased the amount of breeze. Eliminated sleepers.
Hugel Field 7 Greatly increased quantity of earth deleter and slightly increased quantity of geographer. Eliminated demon pungus.
Umbala Field 1 Increased quantity of dryad and added stem worms
Umbala Field 2 Increased quantity of wootan fighters and wootan shooters. Eliminated stone shooters.
Umbala Field 3 Increased quantity of dragon tail
Umbala Field 4 Increased quantity of horn and beetle kings. Increased quantity of choco to 10 and added a 10 minute timer to them.

Dungeon Map Changes

Dungeon Floor Mob Changes
Abyss Lake 3 Added 15 blue and gold acidus on instant respawn
Amatsu Dungeon 2 Increased number of poisonous toads and firelock solidiers
Amatsu Dungeon 3 Reduced or eliminate respawn timers for most mobs, removed firelock soldiers
Ant Hell 1 Greatly increased the number of andre, piere, and deniro
Ant Hell 2 Greatly increased the number of vitata
Ayothaya Dungeon All None
Beach Dungeon All None
Biolabs 3 Added 30 second respawn timers to the Katrinn Keyron and Cecil Damon that were instant spawns
Bylan Dungeon 1 Increased amount of plankton and kukre. Added thara frogs
Bylan Dungeon 2 Increased amount of marina, vadon, and cornutus
Bylan Dungeon 3 Increased amount of marse
Bylan Dungeon 4 Increased all monster amounts
Bylan Dungeon 5 Increased amount of merman, eliminated spawn timers
Clock Tower 1 Added a large number of punks and ridewords
Clock Tower 2 Increased number of clocks and reduced number of brilights
Clock Tower 4 Increased number of owls and clocks
Clock Tower B1 Reworked floor to have brilights and drainliars
Clock Tower B4 None
Coal Mines All Increased mob density
Einbroch Dungeon 2 Increased number of teddy bears
Geffen Dungeon 1 Removed hunter flies and added a large amount of poison spores and poporings
Geffen Dungeon 2 Increased amount of jakk and ghouls
Geffen Dungeon 3 Decreased amount of hunter flies, increased amount of nightmare and deviruchi
Geffenia All Removed false angel and abyss knights. Modified quantities of incubus, succubus, mini demon, and violy
Geffenia 4 Added nightmare terrors
Glast Heim Castle 1 Increased mob density
Glast Heim Castle 2 Increased quantity of wanderers and added additional chimeras
Gonryun Dungeon 1 Increased amount of enchanted peach trees
Gonryun Dungeon 3 Reduced spawn timers and added more evil nymphs
Guild Dungeon (Al De Baran) All None
Guild Dungeon (Geffen) 1 None
Guild Dungeon (Payon) 1 None
Guild Dungeon (Prontera) 1 None
Guild Dungeon (Arunafeltz) 1 None
Guild Dungeon (Schwartzvald) 1 None
Ice Dungeon All None
Juperous All No changes
Kiel Robot Factory All No changes
Louyang Dungeon 1 Increased quantity of jing guai
Louyang Dungeon 2 Increased quantity of yao jun
Louyang Dungeon 3 Increased quantity of mao guai and zhu po long, reduced spawn timer on green maiden to 1 minute
Magma Dungeon 1 Increase amount of blazer and explosion, reduced amount of lava golems, eliminated kahos
Magma Dungeon 2 Reworked completely - Now has large amount of lava golems, kahos, and diabolics
Nameless Island and Cursed Abbey All None
Odins Temple 1 Increased amount of plasma and breeze
Odins Temple 3 Greatly increased amount of Valkyries
Orc Dungeon 1 Added additional orc zombies and orc skeletons
Orc Dungeon 2 Removed respawn timers for some orc skeletons and zenorcs
Payon Caves 1 Increased amount of skeleton and zombie
Payon Caves 2 Increased amount of soldier skeleton and archer skeleton
Prontera Culverts 1 Increased amount of thief bugs and tarous
Prontera Culverts 2 Increased mob density
Prontera Culverts 3 Increased number of male thief bugs
Prontera Culverts 4 Increased number of cramps and drainliars, removed male thief bugs
Pyramid 1 Added a single drainliar
Pyramid 2 Greatly increased the amount of soldier skeleton
Pyramid 3 Increased mummy and matyr spawns
Pyramid 4 Increased isis spawns
Pyramid B1 Increased amount of minos and verits
Pyramid B2 Increased amount of ancient mummies and mimics, reduced amount of aclouze
Rachel Sanctuary All No changes
Sphinx 1 Increased amount of zerom and drainliars, decreased amount of matyrs
Sphinx 2 Increased amount of requiem and matyr, decreased amount of zerom
Sphinx 4 Decreased amount of anubis and increased amount of pasana
Sphinx 5 Increased amount of anubis
Sunken Ship 1 Increased number of whispers and pirate skeletons
Sunken Ship 2 Increased number of pirate skeletons
Thanatos Tower 7-11 Reduced spawn timers
Thanatos Tower 12 Reduced spawn timers and added 1 despero, maero, and dolor
Thors Volcano 1 Full rework - Floor now has mostly knockers and magmarings with some fire imps and kahos
Thors Volcano 2 Full rework - Floor is now dominated by a large number for sword and bow guardians
Thors Volcano 3 Full rework - Remains home to ifrit. Has a large amount of salamanders, kasas and fire imps
Toy Factory 1 Added a large number of santa porings
Toy Factory 2 Added a moderate number of myst cases, added a small number of carats
Turtle Island 4 Increased number of heaters and assaulters, decreased number of freezers