New Monster Subraces

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Two new subraces have been added along with gear and cards that affect damage against monsters of these subraces. These subraces work the same way as the original ones such as golems, goblins, and kobolds.

Mechanical Subrace

Mechanical Enemies
Bow Guardian
Juperous Gate
Keil D 01
Sword Guardian
Tower Keeper
Woe Guardian (Bow)
Woe Guardian (Soldier)
Woe Guardian (Sword)

Elder card provides 30% increased physical damage, slotted into weapons

Inferno [0] (Grenade Launcher) provides 30% increased physical damage

Flying Subrace

Flying Enemies
Alicel Drainliar Maero of Thanatos
Anopheles Dustiness Marionette
Banshee Evil Druid Megalith
Banshee Master Evil Nymph Mistress
Baroness of Retribution Explosion Miyabi Doll
Bascojin False Angel Naught Sieger
Bathory Familiar Noxious
Beelzebub (Fly) Flame Skull Observation
Beholder Garden Watcher Panzer Goblin
Beholder Master Gargoyle Plasma
Blazzer Gazeti Punk
Bloody Butterfly Ghostring Quve
Blue Acidus Giant Hornet Rideword
Breeze Giant Whisper Rotar Zairo
ChonChon Gold Acidus Seeker
Clock Gryphon Sky Deleter
Clock Tower Manager Harpy Sky Petite
Cloud Hermit Hell Fly Sohee
Condor Hornet Steel ChonChon
Constant Horong Tao Gunka
Creamy Hunter Fly The Paper
Creamy Fear Hylozoist Valkyrie
Dark Frame Ifrit Valkyrie Randgris
Dark Illusion Incarnation of Morocc (Ghost) Venomous
Dark Lord Incarnation of Morocc (Valk) Whisper
Demon Pungus Joker Wind Ghost
Despero of Thanatos Kasa Wish Maiden
Dracula Loli Ruri Wraith
Dragon Fly Luciola Vespa Wraith Dead
Dragon Tail Lude

Valkyrie card provides 30% increased physical damage, slotted in weapon

Rolling Stone [0] (shotgun) provides 30% increased physical damage