WoE Format

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War of Emperium, aka WoE, is a bi-weekly event where guilds compete against one another for control of castles.

First Edition WoE

Saturdays at 5 PM server time

All twenty castles across Prontera, Geffen, Payon, and Al de Baran

Second Edition WoE

Wednesdays at 10 PM server time.

All ten castles across Juno and Rachel.

Format Differences with Classic Ragnarok

The biggest difference from the classic format is that emperiums do not respawn once broken. Once a castle has been taken during WoE, it will remain under control of the conquering guild until the following WoE.

Additionally, the following changes have been made to WoE mechanics.

  • Skill damage is reduced by 50% instead of 40%
  • The flee penalty of 20% has been removed
  • Economy and Defense Investment are reduced by 20 when an emperium is broken