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Rogues are a class focused on farming and PvP. With their ability to auto-steal and strip, they excel in both areas as one of the more independent classes. Timelines felt Rogue needed very little to continue to do what it does, and provided them with Preserve as a platinum skill. Rogues will now have the same quality of life as stalkers did, and will be able to farm without losing their copied skills.

Job Change

The Rogue job change is unchanged and a guide can be found here.

Equipment Related Changes

  • A variety of level 3 and 4 daggers now drop slotted, see here.

Skill Changes

Rogue changes were mainly aimed at provided quality of life. The class on its own is strong as is and will continue to be. Rogues get access to all of the trans daggers that make them strong, while also getting access to preserve to maintain skills like Heal, Triple Attack, and Bowling Bash.

Rogue Original Version Timelines Version
Sword Mastery Part of rogue skill tree Moved to thief skill tree
Preserve Part of stalker skill tree Moved to rogue skill tree, requires a quest
Scribble Part of rogue skill tree Now requires a quest instead of a skill point

Other Notes