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Priests are the bread of butter of any party on Timelines. With a focus on buffing their party and providing healing, it is almost impossible to go anywhere and not think, "I would want a priest with me". Timelines has not made any changes to deter that mindset either. With the addition of Purity to provide active status resist and quality of life changes to boot, Priest is still thriving.

Job Change

The Priest job change is unchanged and a guide can be found here.

Equipment Related Changes

  • Books have been adjusted to drop slotted. Some book stats have been adjusted, see here.
  • Scapulare maintains its NPC bonus after slotting
  • Erde healing bonus provides % healing bonus to Heal and Sanctuary, not just aid potion.

Skill Changes

Priest has been given a proactive skill in the form of Purity. This allows for classes with naturally low status resistances to not need to be baby sat as often for the priest. While expensive to maintain, you can maintain levels 3 and 4 on multiple players, preventing the need to possibly interact with them. Otherwise, Priest has received a number of QoL buffs for both support and offense, and should greatly benefit from the number of undead enemies available to them.

Priest Original Version Timelines Version
Slow Poison Halts the HP drain from poison Removed from the game
Increase SP Recovery Recover +0.2% of Max SP per skill level Recover +1% of Max SP per skill level
Purity Not in game New skill. Reduce chance to be affected by poison, stun, curse, sleep, freeze, blind, confusion, and stone curse by 15% per skill level. Duration at level 1 is 70 seconds and decreases 15 seconds per level. Maximum level is 5.
Magnificat Doubles rate SP regeneration rate Doubles rate HP and SP regeneration rate
Turn Undead Cast range of 5 Cast range of 9
Impositio Manus Affects a single target Affects the entire party similar to magnificat

Other Notes