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Ninjas are an expanded class focused on either strong spammable Magic attacks or physical cleave. Their mage build makes use of single target spells that carry no After cast delay, allowing them to spammed at ASPD, the ability to dodge and push themselves back when hit physically, and the ability to create deterrents between them and the enemy they are killing. Throw ninjas focus entirely on throwing Kunai and Huuma Shurikens at their enemies, allowing them to have strong single target damage and multi-target cleave.

Job Change

The Ninja job change has been updated. We still follow the guide listed here, but the Cyfar requirement is now Garlets.

Equipment Related Changes

  • A variety of Huuma's drop rates and slots have been updated, see here.

Skill Changes

Ninja was strong as is with their magic build and that was left untouched for the most part. They now get a longer duration on Ninja Aura so it is closer to Bless/Agi. Huuma Shuriken received a massive buff, allowing the skill to deal full damage to every target. Allowing for some of the strongest endowable ranged cleave available.

Ninja Original Version Timelines Version
Ninja Aura Duration is 90 seconds Duration is 180 seconds
Throwing Mastery 3 Weapon Mastery damage per skill level when using Throw Shuriken 9 Weapon Mastery damage per skill level when using Throw Shuriken, Throw Kunai, or Throw Huuma Shuriken
Throw Huuma Shuriken Splits damage among targets in area of effect Deals full damage among targets in area of effect, damage reduced to 200% + 100% * skill level
Ninja Mastery Recovers 3 * skill level plus 0.2% Max SP * skill level SP per tick Recovers 3 * skill level plus 1% Max SP * skill level SP per tick

Other Notes

Throw Kunai and Throw Shuriken are currently affected by % cards. This change is still up in the air as Timelines staff works through decided if the server should use the iRO official formula which only allows them to be boosted by attack, or keep it as is.