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Gunslingers are a ranged DPS Glass Cannon. Providing excellent single target DPS/Burst at range with Rapid Shower and Full buster, or melee AoE damage with Desperado. Gunslingers can also function as a sniper with the new version of Tracking! Gunslinger is the go to class for those that wanted to sling pistols and click heads while contributing in a meaningful way.

Job Change

The Gunslinger job change has been modified for the items required. A general guide can be found here. The required items to job change are now 1 trunk, 3 fluff, 1 zargon, 10 shells, 3 green herbs, 3 scells, and 1 milk.

Equipment Related Changes

Gunslingers are able to use various rebirth gear in addition to their normal complement of gear. Notable items include the Valkyrie gear set which now include bonuses for Gunslingers and vesper cores. Gunslinger weapons have been buffed with additional slots and easier access to many guns. The table below shows the source for each gun currently available.

Gun Source Materials / Drop Rate
Six Shooter [0] Gunslinger Job Change, Traveling Merchant N/A
Six Shooter [4] Holden 0.20%
Crimson Bolt [0] Traveling Merchant N/A
Crimson Bolt [3] Metaling 0.10%
Garrison [0] Weapon Quest 1 Oridecon, 20 Steel, 20 Rusty Screw, 30,000 zeny / 0.1%
Garrison [2] Weapon Quest / Goblin Steamrider 1 Garrison [0], 10 Steel, 10 Rusty Screw, 10 Emveretarcon, 30 Coal, 1 Elunium / 0.1%
Gold Lux [3] Teddy Bear 0.10%
Wasteland's Outlaw [2] Ragged Zombie 0.20%
Branch [0] Traveling Merchant N/A
Branch [4] Cruiser 0.20%
Cyclone [0] Traveling Merchant N/A
Cyclone [3] Firelock Soldier 0.10%
Dusk [0] Traveling Merchant N/A
Dusk [2] Dimik (Wind) 0.40%
Long Barrel [0] Traveling Merchant N/A
Long Barrel [1] Venatu (wind) 0.40%
Lever Action Rifle [0] Traveling Merchant N/A
Lever Action Rifle [2] Flame Skull 0.40%
Jungle Carbine [1] Drosera 0.10%
Rolling Stone [0] Traveling Merchant N/A
Rolling Stone [3] Stone Shooter 0.10%
Gate Keeper [0] Traveling Merchant N/A
Gate Keeper [2] Archdam, Zakudam 0.5%, 0.5%
Black Rose [0] Traveling Merchant N/A
Black Rose [2] Byrogue 0.80%
Gate Keeper DD [2] Archdam, Zakudam 0.4%, 0.4%
Thunder P [0] Traveling Merchant N/A
Thunder P [2] Dimik (Water) 0.50%
Drifter [0] Weapon Quest 5 Steel, 1 Oridecon, 1 Elunium, 35,000 Zeny
Drifter [4] Venatu (Neutral) 0.40%
Butcher [0] Weapon Quest / Panzer Goblin 1000 Orc Nails, 1000 Skel Bones, 100,000 Zeny / 0.5%
Butcher [3] Gemini-S58 30 Spheres, 10 Steel, 2 Eluniums, 1 Oridecon, 20 Coal / 0.5%
Destroyer [0] Weapon Quest 15 Used Iron Plates, 30 Rusty Screws, and 30,000 Zeny
Destroyer [2] Weapon Quest / Apocalypse Destroyer [0], 1 Finger [2], and 5 Oridecons / 0.2%
Inferno [0] Weapon Quest 20 Used Iron Plates, 1 Oridecon, 100 Burning Hearts, and 40,000 Zeny
Inferno [1] Lava Golem 0.10%

Skill Changes

Gunslinger Original Version Timelines Version
Increase Accuracy Duration is 60 seconds, costs 4 coins Duration is now 180 seconds, costs 2 coins
Madness Canceller Has a 4 second after cast delay that prevents all skill usage. Removed after cast delay. Added a 4 second cool down that only prevents recasting madness canceller.
Tracking 1200% skill damage modifier at level 10. Can now crit. 1200% skill damage modifier plus an additional 3% skill damage modifier per luk of the caster.
Flip Coin Has a 70% success chance at level 5 and all levels have a chance to lose coins if the skill fails. Has a 100% success chance at level 5 and coins are no longer lost when the skill fails.
Ground Drift Affects a single cell. Duration is 30 seconds at level 10. Has a 5x5 splash effect. Duration is now 60 seconds at level 10.

Other Notes

Gunslinger has received quite a few quality of life changes with their guns! Please check all of the item changes on the wiki.