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Ragnarok Timelines incorporates the majority of content and features up to Episode 12.1. The content from episodes 9 and onward has been adapted to suit the classic, pre-rebirth setting. In most cases the adaptations have been minimal, however, several pieces of content have been removed or significantly altered. An overview of the changes are provided below, however the player should seek out detailed information via specific wiki pages or on the server Discord!


  • 2x2x2x base exp/job exp / drop rate - note that the aegis drop rate bug is in effect and adds 0.01% to all drop rates (not reflected in the database!)
  • East Coast USA based server running a modern client interface and Hercules emulator
  • Official Discord Server
  • Main, trade, and party channels in game
  • Multiclienting and macro usage allowed in limited cases
  • Buffs made to NPC weapons and gear, classic dungeons, and underused skills
  • Brewing is now more efficient and high volume brewing is available via a quest skill for all types of potions
  • Forged weapons benefit from the NPC item buffs and costs have been adjusted to be similar within item levels
  • Two new accessories added which provide an medium area of effect greed skill and teleport level 1 / warp portal level 2, both accessories available in the early game
  • Quests for dungeon access now grant an item that can be transferred to other characters to provide immediate access to the dungeon
  • Ghost mvp system added to provide additional mvp access
  • Guild leveling is based on job exp and can be set to a maximum tax rate of 99%


  • Rebirth permanently disabled - no transcendent classes
  • Content up to Episode 12.1 including Endless Tower
  • Taekwon, Soul Linker, Ninja, and Gunslinger available
  • Transcendent gear made available to pre-transcendent classes largely without change beyond level requirements
  • Homunculus and Mercenaries have been removed from the game
  • The Novice Grounds have been reworked to provide a faster start for new players
  • The town of Morroc has not been destroyed and is in its pre-Episode 12 state
  • The Satan Morroc quest is not currently implemented (planned implementation at a later time)
  • Standard hypnotist npc for skill resets below base level 40, advanced hypnotist allows for skill resets as second class but will reset the player's job level to 25
  • Stat adjustment NPC allows for 55 status points worth of adjustment. One usage is earned at level 90 and a second earned at level 96 (not yet implemented)

Other Notable Changes

  • Two luk now gives 1 crit
  • Monk's can no longer use shields but have received numerous buffs to offensive capabilities to offset the lost defense