Custom NPCs

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The world of Ragnarok Timelines is home to a large number of custom NPCs. This page will not attempt to list every single custom NPC, but will provide links and information for the major additions.

  • Piamette - A young demi-human of the bunny people tribe. The player first encounters Piamette in the novice area and she plays a major role in the story. She gives the player the ring of magnetism and sets the player on the quest for the adventurer's hope ring during the novice area. Piamette offers the player knowledge about the world, friendship, and the ring of magnetism depending on the dialog choices made by the player. Interactions with Piamette are required to start the quest for the Adventurer's Hope ring and as such, players are recommended to interact with Piamette whenever possible during the novice area. Piamette's fate at the end of the novice area is unknown
  • Student of Elements - This wandering sage will offer to endow a player's weapon with fire, water, earth, or wind property for 30 minutes in exchange for three red bloods, crystal blues, green lives, or wind of verdures. The student of elements can be found in areas of strong elemental affinity.
  • Veil - A vagabond that teaches rogues the preserve skill. She can be found in a bar in the town of Veins.
  • Stylist - A hairstylist that can change a player's hair style and color, free of charge. She is located in southeastern Prontera.