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Blacksmiths are a class focused on dealing large amounts of single target melee damage and forging. Blacksmiths on Timelines play very similarly to their roles in the past but have been adjusted slightly with quality of life. Forging has been tuned to make items easier to forge and have a more uniformed cost. While Battle Smiths have had their SP issue addressed.

Job Change

The Blacksmith job change is unchanged and a guide can be found here.

Equipment Related Changes

  • Most level 3 and 4 Axes and Maces now drop slotted or have had slots added. Adding variety to your weapon pool
  • Weapons forged by Blacksmiths maintain their NPC bonuses

Skill Changes

Blacksmith needed a facelift with the addition of trans content and gear to ensure it remains relevant to new and old players alike. Forgers had a lot of their weapons merged into other passives, allowing them some free skill points at job 50. Forgers also make items in batches now, reducing time spent converting Iron and Stones into usable materials like Steel and Elemental hearts. Battlesmith received a quality of life change to help with its SP issues and ensure a comfy grinding experience.

Blacksmith Original Version Timelines Version
Smith Knucklebrace Allows forging of knuckles Replaced with smith knucklebrace and mace to allow forging of knuckles and maces
Smith Sword Allows forging of one handed swords Replaced with smith sword and two handed sword to allow forging of one and two handed swords
Smith Spear Allows forging of spears Replaced with smith spear and axe to allow forging of spears and axes
Smith Mace, Smith 2H Sword, Smith Axe Allows forging of maces, 2 handed swords, and axes Removed from the game
Iron Tempering Allows forging of iron Merged with Steel Tempering and renamed to Metal Tempering. Now allows for forging of iron and steel.
Steel Tempering Allow forging of steel Removed from the game
Ore Discovery Requires steel tempering level 1 Requires Metal Tempering level 2.
Maximize Power Stops natural SP regeneration No longer stops natural SP regeneration

Other Notes

Iron and Steel crafting now produce items in "Lots". Creating a consumable box of 5 when converting materials. Allowing you to convert more materials at once and in a shorter time.