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This page is provided as a guide for new players to the server.


Welcome to Ragnarok Timelines, a server exploring the question of "What if Ragnarok Online had never gotten transcendence, but the content kept on coming?". This page will help you to get started on the server and provide advice on points of interest and important changes and content. For information on rates, features, and a deeper explaination of the various changes, check out the main wiki page and the server information page. If you'd like to ask questions or get a feel of the server from the players themselves, hop on over to our Discord server. This guide is written with the assumption that the player has at least some past experience with Ragnarok Online. For a more basic tutorial, please visit this guide on iROwiki

Initial Setup

The first step to getting started is to download the client which can be found here. While that is downloading you can take care of a few more steps.

  • join the Discord server and react to the #rules
  • register for an account at this link
  • check the #client-download channel on the Discord server for the password for the client .rar file

Important note: Timelines has a rule where you must register with your Discord account!

Important note: Remember the date that you select as it is needed if you want to register a second account!

Once the client has downloaded, unzip the .rar file using the password from the Discord channel. It is recommended to make an exception in Windows defender or whichever antivirus you use for the game folder as the patcher may cause a false flag. The patcher uses the rPatchur code which is open source and available for review on Github. Next, use setup.exe to set your graphics options and other defaults such as /noctrl and /noshift. At this point, the game should be fully ready!

The client is ALWAYS run through the file labeled Timelines Patcher.exe. Trying to run the game using the client.exe file will cause a failed login!

If you are running on Linux, please submit a ticket through Discord for assistance in getting Timelines setup. A better long term solution is in the works.

Start of the Adventure

Once logged in, you'll be greeted with the character select screen. Timelines has all 15 slots opened for each account. Choose any slot and make your first character!

Upon entering the world, you will be placed into the "novice grounds". This area has been completely reworked; although it may look familiar it is not. It is highly recommended that you explore the area and read the NPC dialogs.

  • Talk to Captain Thomas in the northern section of the fortress to pick up a couple of quests. These quests will provide starter gear for your character.
  • Be sure to interact with Piamette each time you run into her. She will give you the ring of magnetism which enables usage of the skill "Magnetic Pickup". This skill loots all items within a 13x13 area around the player.
  • The ring, Draupnir, makes your character extremely powerful. You will be able to fight some of the enemies as long as you are not overly aggressive.

Most players will emerge from this area around level 15-20 with job level 10, ready to do their first job change. After exiting the novice area, take a moment to collect yourself. You'll be in Prontera Castle. Explore the room a bit, then head downstairs to find Hanson. You'll get some background information and Hanson give you 10,000z and offer you some supplies from the cabinet upstairs. Go back up, and take supplies three times from the cabinet. These are the standard starting supplies, however you can find some unique items if you look in the bottom of the cabinet. The list of items that you can get are:

  • 200 Novice Potions
  • 50 Fly wings and 10 Butterfly wings
  • 10 Kafra Storage and Teleport Tickets
  • 1 Agi and 1 Bless Scroll
  • Novice false eggshell hat
  • Random doll item

Players that completed the Baphomet route out of the novice grounds will be able to warp to their chosen job change location by talking to Hanson again after taking supplies from the cabinet.

Choosing a First Job

The choice of a first job for a player new to Timelines is quite simple. Pick whichever one you like the best! All classes have builds which can excel in the early game. Unlike classic Ragnarok, archer and mage are not head and shoulders above the melee based classes. That is not to say that all builds are created equally! It is recommended to avoid builds without a meaningful damage dealing or supporting role. Swordsman, merchant, thief, and even aco can pick up weapon masteries early on, and use these skills along with NPC-sold weapons to deal substantial damage. Builds high in vitality will have very short sitting rests to completely refill their HP. Players should keep in mind that free skill resets are available from the hypnotist NPC in Prontera, near the tool dealer, for characters base level 40 and under. A list of popular and effective starter builds are listed below. This list is not all inclusive.

  • Dex/int archer - Can turn into a hunter/bard/dancer double strafe build. Excellent for speed leveling early on and farming cards. Can solo and party effectively.
  • Agi/str thief - Can turn into a autosteal / plagiarize rogue build. Great character for soloing and farming zeny and items. Great early game spots synergize well with NPC-sold daggers.
  • Str/dex merchant - Can level quickly using cart revolution, which now requires pushcart level 10 instead of a quest, and axe mastery. May skill rest at base level 40 to trade out for discount and overcharge in support of future characters.

Suggested Leveling Areas

Note that some traditional leveling spots such as wolves, spores, and geographers have been nerfed. These spots are still decent, however players should consider other locations depending on their builds and gear.

  • Culverts 2 - This map is overflowing with weak enemies and is great to build up some initial levels and zeny. Skill a mastery early on to one-shot most enemies.
  • Bylan 2 - Great exp due to marinas having buffed exp. Beware the stun attacks from vadons and avoid cornutus.
  • Lighthalzen 1 - Metalings are great for ranged characters but should be avoided by melee classes.