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Assasssins are a class focused around abusing poison damage and dealing consistent ranged splash damage. Timelines has given Assassin some much needed love as a melee class. Critical damage cards now provide more damage, Luk is weighted more heavily towards crit (2->1 crit instead of 3-> 1 crit). NPC weapons provide you with some good options until you have a carded weapon. Overall, assassin still does a great job mobbing with Grimtooth and dealing single target damage with Katars and Double Dagger.

Job Change

The Assassin job change is unchanged and a guide can be found here.

Equipment Related Changes

  • Elemental Katars from mobs now drop slotted, see here.

Skill Changes

Assassin changes were more centered around Poison being effective against neutral. With this change alone, Assassin feels better to play and level in areas where neutral mobs dominated the map. Wielding two daggers also provides 10% attack speed, leaving you with considerably more attack speed overall. Another item of note that makes assassin more enjoyable to play overall is the increased card drop rate on weapon cards. All of these factors together makes assassin a good solo character for newer players.

Assassin Original Version Timelines Version
Venom Splasher Poison element splash attack Replaced by Venom Trap
Katar Mastery 3 Weapon Mastery damage per skill level with katars 9 Weapon Mastery damage per skill level with katars
Venom Trap Not in game New skill. Places a trap on the ground. When triggered by an enemy, the trap deals poison element damage based on the caster's current HP and int. This trap has a high chance to cause both poison and deadly poison status. The traps area of effect is 3x3. Each use consumes 1 toxic gas and 1 old shuriken.

Other Notes

Poison damage against neutral scales the same as other elements. If you use Water vs Fire, it will scale the exact same way for Poison vs Neutral.