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Alchemist has seen a massive shift from its vanilla counterpart. With homunculus gone, Alchemist now function as an auxiliary support to Priests and Sages. With changes to how Aid Pitch works and the addition of the new Pitch Item skill, Alchemists now operate within the realm of full party support, allowing for big heals and big steroids. Brewers also receive Twilight Alchemy for all craftable items. No longer will Yellow potions be crafted one at a time to use as a cheap consumable.

Job Change

The Alchemist job change is unchanged and a guide can be found here.

Equipment Related Changes

  • Most level 3 and 4 Axes, Maces, Swords, and Daggers now drop slotted or have had slots added. Adding variety to your weapon pool

Skill Changes

Alchemist always fit a weird niche in pre-trans. You wanted one for chemical protect in bigger MVP parties but they didn't really do anything outside of throwing some blue potions and white potions around. And even when they did throw them, they lacked the healing boost from Soul Link. On Timelines, Alchemists are now the Combat support. They provide buffs that increase hit, flee, and ASPD. They have increased healing with Aid Pitch with a bugfix that allows Ranked Potion healing to apply and this also gets boosted by soul link, allowing them to turbo focus healing on Tanks and Devos. They also now the only source of SP for your party with the lack of scholar. Overall, Alchemist will be a main stay for any guild looking to push Trans content.

Alchemist Original Version Timelines Version
Axe Mastery 4 Weapon Mastery damage per skill level with axes Removed from alchemist skill tree
Bioethics, Vaporize, Call Homunculus, and Homunculus Resurrection Grants various homunculus skills No longer in game as homunculus system not implemented
Twilight Alchemy Allows creation of 200 white potions at a time. Requires soul link Allows creation of 200 red, yellow, white, or blue potions. Requires a quest.
Twilight Alchemy II Allows creation of 200 slim white potions at a time. Requires soul link. Allows creation of 200 slim red, yellow, or white potions at a time. Requires a quest.
Twilight Alchemy III Allows creation of 100 alcohol, 50 acid bottles, and 50 bottle grenades at a time. Requires a soul link. Allows creation of 20 sets of alcohol, acid bottles, bottle grenades, plant bottles, marine spheres, glistening coats, atium potions, or quicksillver potions at a time. Requires a quest.
Aid Berserk Potion Allows the alchemist to pitch a berserk potion at a level 85+ ally. Requires soul link. Removed from the game and replaced with Aid Special Pitcher. Pitch berserk potion, atium potion, quicksilver potion, or panacea at an ally. There is no level requirement for the ally to receive the berserk potion effect. Requires Aid Potion Pitcher level 5.
Pharmacy Allows the alchemist to create various basic potions. Allows the alchemist to create various basic potions including atium potion and quicksilver potion.
Summon Flora Summons up to 5 mandragora, 4 hydra, 3 flora, 2 parasites, or 1 geographer Summons up to 5 mandragora, 4 flora, 3 parasites, 2 geographers, or 1 drosera

Other Notes

The homunculus system was removed due to how easy it is to abuse in WoE and PvP with proper AI setup. It was also removed to prevent attempts to bot/afk farm. There are no plans to re-implement homunculus in any state at this time.